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Interested in joining our team?

Christopher & Company Salon is always looking for talented team players!

Assistants, Hair Artists, Manicurists & Aestheticians


  • Stylist stations are available for rent on a weekly basis.

  • All salon professionals handle their own client bookings.

  • Wi-fi available for all employees and guests.

  • Stylists may carry and sell their own retail from their stations. 

  • Each professional handles all of their own financial transactions. 

  • Back bar supplies are chosen and provided by each individual stylist.

  • Each stylist receives locker space in the dispensary for the purpose of stocking work related chemicals and supplies.

  • All necessary tools, equipment, chemicals, assistants, etc... are chosen and paid for by each individual professional.

  • Walk-in or phone-in opportunities exist for all professionals on a hourly sign in basis.

  • Laundry and housekeeping is provided.

  • A professional dress code is enforced.

    Contact Christopher at 949.633.6879 for all employment opportunities. 

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